Welcome, and thanks for reading. Droolbaby is just getting started, so stick around for a little longer and grow with it.

Here at Droolbaby you’ll see content about parenting, motherhood, life tries and life fails, exercise or attempts at exercise, outdoor adventures and indoor tasks.  Plus other stuff that makes people more alive.  Through it all we’ll discover the growth that happens when we decide to ditch the bib and allow life to be messy. Never stop growing, and be okay with moving through the mess.

Also, Droolbaby was created because I need to write. It’s cheaper than shopping and less energy than rearranging my furniture. My muse is a teething toddler who shows me the messy depths of love, adventure and the gift of trying.* I’m a believer in learning from others and growing from experiences, so let’s learn and grow together.

Love to you and to all your messy tries.